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TCS is opening her 1st Thai inspired Asian Drive-thru at Napoleon, Michigan...stay tuned.

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Authentic Thai Food

Thai Chef Saranya stall at the markets

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"Every time I come here to the Sunset Market in Oceanside on Thursday evenings I stop by here to get some delicious COCONUT PANCAKES! They're super yummy." -Nyome K., Oceanside

Yelp Thai Chef Saranya at Oceanside Sunset Market   Yelp at Oceanside Sunset Market


"I frequently come here when they are at the farmers market in Hillcrest or the Little Italy Mercato. The coconut pancakes are gluten free and vegan and delicious. The curry is delicious too and they will make it to your dietary desire which i think is a great concept with all the people who have food allergies or who want to eat more healthy. Everything is made fresh so that makes the meal even more special. Wash everything down with an iced Thai coffee, and woohoo!!!" - Kandee H., San Diego

Yelp Thai Chef Saranya at Hillcrest Farmers Market  Yelp at Hillcrest Market


Yelp Thai Chef Saranya at Little Italy Mercato   Yelp at Little Italy Mercato