About Us

We make Authentic Thai Food using traditional Thai recipes and ingredients.

You can find us at 2 markets throughout the week, serving up fresh, made-to-order Thai dishes, and here online selling our frozen curry sauces and our other products.

Our food is made only with USDA Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and with no MSG added.

On request we make dishes that are allergy friendly such as gluten free, sugar free, soy free, low sodium, MSG free. We also make vegetarian and vegan dishes. Just tell us how you’d like it, and we’ll make it just for you!

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Thai Chef Saranya's Bio:

"I was born and raised in Thailand with an old school traditional family, had to learn all house work as a girl - and cooking was included. I was in the kitchen helping my dad since I can remember, and watched him do everything from preparation, cooking, sharing, to mix & matching for leftovers.

I have been doing that over and over every single day, it absorbed in my blood without any recipe needed. I can smell the food and tell when it has a good taste.

I had a family and raised my kids and still cook every day, sharing with friends and extended family and they all love it. I didn’t realize that cooking had became my passion and I cook with love, cook for my loved ones and love to cook.

I had a chance to relocate to the U.S. in 2005 and started my cooking stand and Farmers’ Market in 2006.I had chances to open restaurants on University Ave and 4th Ave, San Diego in 2013. We ended up selling them both.We are now focusing on Farmer's Markets, Catering, Personal Chef services and Cooking Classes."

We like to share our recipies with you on our website, and you can buy our secret sauces and cooking ingredients online at www.thaicurryonline.com